Week 3 in Review: Zoetrope Sun

This week the workshop began with a two day crescendo- a twenty hour marathon to learn the nuances of theater with Ward Dales and Noelle Gentile. We drew stories out from within ourselves and followed our impulse to create collective performances on themes of current news and personal histories. We learned how to match movement with sound and music through improvisation. Dozens of rapid fire performances ensued. 

Returning to our own pieces mid-week, we asked ourselves, "How can right-brain theater strategies and impulse enhance what we make?" To add to the discussion, workshop participant Daejeong Kim shared his sculptural balance machines in an interactive talk entitled, "How to draw a straight line?" In addition, Michael Harrison, composer, presented his studies on the history of musical tonality including some of his new compositions. 

As we reinvented zoëtropic performances and installations all over the property, Michael's morning raga sessions and music bootcamp infused each day with a greater sense of auditory sensitivity. We swayed between writing poetry for songs, sweating pipes, and sharing personal works at open mic. 

This week has been a whirl wind, and the lecture "Where is now?" by Uri Wegman brought deeper consideration to the speed of our creativity in how we experience time and space through video and photography.

We hope to see you at the Zoëtrope Sun Festival on August 5 and 6