Workshops, Performance

Circles: Drawing on Friendship | Summer Workshop 2012

July 2012

David Gersten, Tine Bernstorff Aagaard, Ben Clement, Sebastian de la Cour, Mauricio Cortes, Aida Miron, Laura Genes, Alberto Perez Gomez, Kristin Jones, Diana Mangaser, Bill Morrison, Che Perez, Louise Pelletier, Zubin Singh, Anthony Titus, Uri Wegman Circles: Drawing on Friendship" was the first of the Art, Letters & Numbers workshops to be held in our Mill in Upstate New York. Through a deep intellectual, emotional, and creative questioning, we drew up a series of works and created new structures, new spaces, new stories which culminated in a celebratory performance. The collective creative urgency was a crucible of emotive precision from which we pour the foundation for our future workshops.


Benjamin Johnson

Fabiana Weinberg

Olivia Ahn

Jake Lee

Kosha Joian Ahmadi

Lena Takamori

Noemi Bilger

Ruairidh Macleod

Michal Dziedziniewicz

Willis Bigelow

Alexandra Alexa

Katherine Blum

Anniken Hogset (oslo)

Jonathan McCready Brewer

Harry Bartle

Anna Coe

Max Golden

Gordon Moss

Nick Polansky

Shalini Vimal

Ashmi Taphar

Maximilian Lauter