Information Poverty | UNICEF

We are moved and honored to announce that UNICEF’s Office of Innovation and Arts Letters & Numbers held a collaborative immersive workshop at the Arts Letters & Numbers Mill from Dec 7th- Dec 10th. We brought together over 30 people to explore the challenges and opportunities within the broad topic of ‘Information Poverty.’ This initial workshop gathered people from a wide spectrum of disciplines including: artists, architects, policy-makers, musicians, scientists, writers, craftspeople, composers, economists, mimes, engineers, actors, dancers, mathematicians, chefs, scholars, historians, theater directors (and more) to open up questions and expand our understanding of what ‘Information Poverty’ means and how to develop approaches to access tools of communication and information to strategically improve the lives of children worldwide. It was a remarkable experience as we shared stories, ideas, visions, and works. Below is a detailed introductory brief of the workshop, as well as, a few photos. In the coming weeks, we will release a film of the gathering.

It is a distinct honor and pleasure to be collaborating with UNICEF on projects that resonate so deeply with the mission of Arts Letters & Numbers. 

Photography by Zelé Angelides and David Gersten



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