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Circling Towards a Disciplinary Chora | Summer Workshop 2014

July 19th - August 9th, 2014

Today, education in the broadest sense holds the capacity of developing new pathways of interaction and forms of knowledge that address the challenges of our increasingly complex world. Arts Letters & Numbers is a space to understand, withstand and ultimately create transformation that embodies our best hopes and aspirations. Like many complex systems such as language or molecular structures, disciplines are polymorphic, they transform relationally, taking on different structures, forms and organizations depending on their disciplinary environment. Knowledge evolves; creating situations of proximity and interaction among a great diversity of forms of knowledge gives rise to mutual transformation, builds new linkages, new thought processes, new questions and new works. 

“Some things we plan, we sit and we invent and we plot and cook up, others are works of inspiration, of poetry.” Nick Cave

On May 9th, 2014 Arts Letters & Numbers acquired the house on the hill above the mill. Built in 1859, this house previously served as the original mill owner’s residence. Now it has become the residence for Arts Letters & Numbers ongoing programs.

This moment in the evolution of Arts letter & Numbers demanded our present tense creativity. We decided to focus our third summer workshop on the very immediate questions we are all asking:

What is space between the house and the mill? 
How do we inhabit this new geography?

We asked this through the direct action of locating the house within the mill and working to draw it out, to discover, and inhabit their double volume.

Education is the reenactment of that which may not have happened yet.


Akira Ishikura . Eliana Hernandez . Eva Christine Lyppert . Evan Burgess . Hesham Attya . Joe Postl . Kaleigh Lysenko . Tracey Winton . Merethe Trolle . Troels P.R. . Priscilla Aleman . Sijie Chen . Yasuyo Tatebe . Amara Abdal Figueroa . Peeraya Suphasidh . Che Perez . David Gersten . Desirée González Garcés . Diana Mangaser . Frida Foberg . Jesse Kreuzer . Laura Genes . Loren Howard . Rebecca Woodmass . Rikke Jorgensen . Tine Bernstoff Aagaard . Troels S.H. . Zubin K. Singh