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Artists in Residence Exhibition | Chelsea Farquhar & Kitt Peacock

Chelsea Farquhar is an Australian multidisciplinary artist working across drawing, sculpture, video, and performance. Chelsea is halfway through her 5-week residency at ALN.

This work in progress uses geological and museological display methods to examine the archive as a site of temporary stasis, mystery, and collective memory. I am drawn to the simultaneous categorization and order of the archive as well the dis-order and overstimulation of information. My studio practice plays with the archive’s reliance on viewer recognition of inter-relational material links to build narratives.

Kitt Peacock is a printmaker and a bread-maker. Their interdisciplinary work moves through archival space and reflects on the way cultural violence is introduced and perpetuated through Western archival forms. Combining archival reflections with bread in its capacity a cultural signifier, their practice confronts the ways in which Romani culture has been depicted by the Western archive for hundreds of years. The fortune-tellers and thieves, the concentration camp victims and witch archetypes are missing here, or recontextualized, or changed completely, towards a new Romani archive.

Objects in Warning

 Mass graves and urn burial. Objects of comfort become objects of warning as the Romani traditions that produced them change and fade. How do we find comfort in the wake of genocide? What tone does comfort take? When we find it, will we recognize the form it has taken?

Kitt Peacock is an interdisciplinary artist and printmaker from Vancouver, BC. Their work centers around interrupted cultural inheritance—what we can make of imperfect traditions, and how we reconcile them. 

Events, Artist in Residence, Exhibition, Performance

Liao Dean | Exhibition | Nihilo-Ex-Datum (Prelude)

On June 22nd, Nihilo-Ex-Datum (Prelude), the Artist in Residence Show by Liao Dean employed a combination of created site-specific installations, stop-motion film, sculpture works, and performance to reexamine the relationship between connection and significance, to explore contemporary attitudes regarding data and knowledge. Combining conceptual elements from eastern philosophy, mathematical logic, and post-modern literature with locally sourced materials and refuse, the exhibition will guide audience members through a landscape cluttered with pablum and significance in order to encourage reflection on the derivation of meaning through the lens of artistic creation and critical deconstruction.

Events, Community

Creative Economy Mixer | Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy

Each month the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy (ACE) holds a Creative Economy Mixer. We are honored to have been the chosen host this months event. This was an incredible opportunity to share ALN with a community who might otherwise not know our organization. The event was structured with a guided tour of our facilities, open studio by our artists in residency and fellows, food tastings by Laughing Earth Farm, beverage tastings by Albany Distilling Co. We also had an engaging discussion with Founding Director David Gersten, joined by Andrew Frishman of Big Picture Learning, an organization that has partnered with 65 schools across the U.S. with a mission to educate one student at a time.

Performance, Artist in Residence

On a Bed of Spiderweb | Artist in Residence Performance

What does make your body move? An willful body movement comes from the complex of sensory; feeling of security, mindful guidance, relaxation, freedom, scent, music, space, etc. One leads to another added up and stacked in sequence, the body gradually absorbs the environment and starts to communicate with the surrounding. Jillian invited us to a journey to her tiny world, On a Bed of Spiderweb, on the 20th October, 2018. Her world was full of sensory without any regulations or constraints. The space was transformed into any possibility of experience with ongoing sound and scent which let people release their tension of time, space and themselves; and people started to move.

Jillian Goodwin is a trained creative arts therapist, installation artist, and classically trained ballet dancer. She co-created the first mental health program at The League’s Education and Treatment Center’s LAND Gallery, a studio and gallery space for adults with developmental delays; and she has worked in the inpatient acute psychiatric unit at NYU’s Langone Medical Center.

Photos by Natasha Holmes