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Arts Letters and Numbers is possible because of the endless dedication of purpose and intensity of desire within the community. We are running as fast as we can to sustain our programs and projects with a great volunteer force, but this force needs resources and materials. Your contribution provides crucial support to building and sustaining this environment and the broader project of Arts Letters & Numbers. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law. 


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"ALN means so much to me. This place made me question the meaning of 'home'. Rarely, if ever, has a place and a group of people made such an impact on my life."

-Merethe Trolle, Theatre, 2014 and 2015 Workshop Participant

"Arts Letters & Numbers is a truly visionary institution.  In a world where education has become training and real values are reduced to pure instrumentality, this remarkable interdisciplinary oasis offers a place for young creators to grasp the effective connections between poetic making and ethics, between technical and practical knowledge (techné and phronésis), understanding the design of human space as a place of  poetic and political participation.

-Alberto Pérez-Gómez, Professor of Architecture, Advisory Council and Visiting Artist

"ALN is a place where you can lose yourself in the best possible way.  You will work hard, you will learn much, and you will discover people and places you didn't know were there. Poetry, dance, and art are in the pores of this place."

-Bryan Wilson, Interdisciplinary Artist, 2015 Visiting Artist and Workshop Participant

"Arts Letters and Numbers signals its interdisciplinary focus and seriousness of purpose from its name to its actions to its creatively eclectic members, who encompass architecture, the visual arts, theater, film, music, the humanities, the sciences and the social sciences. I don’t have the slightest doubt that Arts Letters and Numbers is one of the most interesting and noteworthy interdisciplinary projects taking place anywhere in the world today; and it’s happening, not by accident, exactly at a time when we urgently need just such a multidisciplinary project.”

-Michael Benson, Filmmaker and Writer, Visiting Artist and Member of the Board of Directors

I love Arts Letters and Numbers because it is a place where everything becomes possible and by experiencing possibilities that become actualized, the participants transform. We become confident and trust ourselves. This experience is unforgettable.

-Homa Shojaie, Artist, Advisory Council and Visiting Artist

Arts Letters & Numbers is my artistic home away from home. Every summer I look forward to being a visiting artist where I meet and collaborate with artists of many disciplines from around the globe. Founder and director David Gersten has created a unique educational and artistic abode of radical inclusion where artists and educators of every discipline come together to explore their creative endeavors. For this Arts Letters & Numbers deserves our full support in every possible way.

-Michael Harrison, Pianist and Composer, Visiting Artist and Advisory Council Member

"Travelling and working in different places in the world, acting creatively with individuals and groups is rewarding, exciting and confirming work. It is also demanding, and it calls for a special kind of support structure from a community of souls with the long view in mind, and the ability to encompass many things. Arts Letters and Numbers is a place and a community where these bigger journeys may have beginnings and endings, so that we are not isolated in our efforts, and we can see them more clearly. I often find myself enthusiastically recommending this venture to people around the world and I value my association with Arts Letters and Numbers a great deal."

-Chris Rose, Design, Fellow